10 Flawless Bare Faces Of Male Idols That Will Make You Think, “Ah, Yes. God Has Favorites.”


Male idols’ makeup is actually heavier than one may think! As most of them don’t use color products unless on stage, the makeup looks light on camera. However, they apply almost as much base makeup as female idols! Ever wondered how male idols look without makeup? Here’s 10 idols bare faces for you to admire!

1. NCT’s Taeyong

He looks beautiful even in his all natural state.

2. Stray Kids’ Felix

Felix looks absolutely adorable!

3. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

Have you seen a man this pretty?

4. SF9’s Chanhee

Chanhee’s face may be covered slightly with a mask, but it sure doesn’t obstruct his beauty.

5. Park Jihoon

Our wink-king is growing up.

6. EXO’s Baekhyun

We have no words for this one!

7. NCT’s Jaehyun

They don’t call him the golden boy for nothing. Also, have you SEEN his skin?

8. BTS’s V

If statues came to life…

9. BTS’s Jin

Excuse me sir, we’re going to have to bring you back to the museum. They reported a missing work of art.

10. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Oh, to be bested in pretty by a boy.

Conclusion? They all look perfect!

Source: pann