Netizens Name 10 Male Idols Known For Their Mesmerizing And Sexy Eyes

#6’s eyes make him look like a fairy.

These idols, chosen by netizens, have some of the most unique and beautiful eyes in K-Pop. Check out the 10 they chose!

1. Felix (Stray Kids)


Felix can go from puppy dog eyes to sexy glare almost instantly.


2. V (BTS)


V’s unique eyes have one double eyelid and one monolid.


3. Ten (NCT)


Whether Ten has a serious gaze or an adorable eye smile, his eyes tell a story.

4. Yeonjun (TXT)


Yeonjun’s big eyes are just as expressive as he is.


5. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Joshua’s aegyo-sal, or under-eye bags, are seriously adorable!


6. Xiumin (EXO)

Xiumin’s up-turned eyes give him a fairy-like appearance.

7. Taemin (SHINee)


Taemin is known for his charismatic looks on stage.


8. Subin (VICTON)

Subin is gaining more attention from netizens for his heart-fluttering facial features, including his sharp eyes.

9. Ren (NU’EST)


Ren can go from cool to cute at a moment’s notice!


10. Lee Hangyul (BAE173)


Hangyul oozes a masculine charm with his sexy gaze.


Source: Nate Pann