Here Are 6 Male Idols Who Love Fanboys So Much, It Will Make You Jealous

The way #2 looks at his male fans is adorable.

These male idols love meeting all kinds of fans — including fanboys. Check out these sweet interactions that will either make you wish you were a fanboy or make you feel grateful that you are one!

1. V (BTS)

makes sure his fanboys feel loved, too!

He isn’t afraid to get a little flirty, either!

If a fanboy tells him to put on the crown, he won’t question it.

He also takes care of the little ones. So cute!

2. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel‘s interaction with this male fan had people questioning which one was the fanboy and which one was the idol!


You can see how much love Daniel has for all his fans.


3. Jackson (GOT7)

Jackson will go out of his way to show love for his fanboys.

It might make you wish you were a fanboy, too.

Even Yugyeom shows some love for male fans!


Each member of SEVENTEEN has shown their love and appreciation for male fans.

This includes the baby fanboys-in-the-making!


Jeonghan shows appreciation for a male fan’s sweet compliment.

Wonwoo is really grateful, as well.

5. NCT

The way NCT interacts with male fans at fansigns will warm your heart.

If you’re a male fan, don’t be afraid of meeting your idols.


6. B.I (Former iKON)

B.I‘s interactions with male fans are seriously heart-fluttering.

He pulls him in for a hug…

…and even mentions that he recognizes him!