Here Are 4 Male Idols Whose Image Drastically Changed After Different Styling

#3 had a serious glow-up.

These idols have undergone a huge change in image just from a simple styling change. While both before and after suited them, they have become a more mature and leveled-up version of themselves. Check out their most drastic transformations below!

1. Yeonjun (TXT)

Yeonjun’s styling had a major change recently. Suits, polos, and caps are a thing of the past, now.


He was often given a “boy-next-door” look with cute and casual clothes and a relatively tame hairstyle.


After his change, a new edgy look brought out a whole new side of him. Bleached and colorful slicked back hair, metallic accessories, and bold fashion gave him a drastically different vibe.


Now when most people think of Yeonjun, words like “sexy” and “charismatic” may instantly come to mind!


2. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin’s styling evolved with BTS’s music.


He transitioned from a youthful image of a young man pursuing a love, characterized by bold makeup and aggressive expressions.


After the styling change, Jimin went for a more ethereal and soft image.

With fancier and more intricate clothes and chic styling touches, Jimin transformed from a tough guy image to a versatile artist on the stage.


3. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Before his styling change, Hyunjin is almost unrecognizable to new fans.


His cute and youthful image was innocent like an average boy.


However, Hyunjin turned up the heat when he matured into a young man. His long blonde hair fueled his image change, along with the more mature clothing choices.


With a whole new look, his image went from casual cutie to unreal beauty!


4. Juyeon (The Boyz)

Previously, Juyeon’s image had a sporty vibe. He didn’t wear much makeup and had minimal hair styling.


The look suited him, but as he matured, another look became his go-to.


Cut-off shirts, styled hair, and bold makeup created the sexy Juyeon fans know and love today!


This image made his popularity grow since fans were able to see this new passionate and cool side of him.