6 Male Idols Who Have A Crush On BLACKPINK Jennie

Look out! This gorgeous rapper is spitting rhymes and stealing hearts everywhere she goes.

Male idols are falling hard for BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, and who can blame them? This sassy singer is the total girlfriend package; she’s cute, sexy, talented, and has a down-to-earth personality.


1. Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Zico (BLOCK B)

Zico and Jonghyun were sitting together during BLACKPINK’s performance of “Playing with Fire” and “Whistle”. When the screen showed a close-up of Jennie, Zico could be seen turning to Jonghyun saying, “[She’s] pretty.”

Jonghyun agreed by saying, “[She’s] pretty pretty.” Zico and Jonghyun seemed to be enjoying Jennie’s beauty just as much as her music!


2. HaHa

It’s no secret that HaHa is a huge Jennie fanboy. On Infinite Challenge, HaHa jokingly told the other guests to back off, because Jennie was his!

He confessed that Jennie was the only other female idol he liked, besides Suzy.  


3. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul couldn’t have been happier to have Jennie as a guest on Knowing Brothers. 

The two had a fun, playful dynamic, and he seemed to love Jennie’s funny, straight-forward attitude.

Heechul also took care of Jennie throughout the episode by “protecting” Jennie from his fellow cast members.


4. Riley (SpeXial)

When asked to choose his favourite BLACKPINK member, this Taiwanese idol easily chose Jennie.

Her stunning visuals and rapping prowess completely stole his heart!


5. Lim Hyo Jun

“I enjoy listening to the song “As if it’s your last” by BLACKPINK. I really like Jennie.” – Lim Hyo Jun

Olympic Gold Medalist changes his “ideal type” from Joy to Jennie… and fans freak out on him

South Korean short track Olympic gold medalist, Lim Hyo Jun, talked about his fanboy crushes during Radio Star, then again during an interview. It seems that this athlete has room in his heart for more than one beautiful bias because he loves both Red Velvet’Joy and Jennie.


6. Chanyeol (EXO)

Some fans began to speculate that Chanyeol might be to be a “low-key” Jennie fanboy after he was spotted singing along to Jennie’s lines…

…and cutely imitating her smirk.