10+ Most Relatable Reactions To The Epic Collaboration Stage Of 4th Gen Female K-Pop Idols At The “2022 MAMA Awards”

#10 is a must-see!

The 2022 MAMA Awards is finally here! Day 1 was filled with exciting performances from senior K-Pop idols and rookies alike. In terms of the latter, the most awaited stage was undoubtedly the collaboration of various fourth generation girl groups.





…and NMIXX broke into separate units who performed each other’s debut songs.

They also banded together to do a cover of the legendary TWICE song, “Cheer Up.”

Needless to say, it was a collaboration worth waiting for! Check out some of the best fan reactions below.

1. First up, when the avengers assembled

Everyone on stage was just too good!

2. When Produce 48‘s Top 2 performed together again

Sakura and Wonyoung, former IZ*ONE members, were on the same stage once again and viewers were emotional.

3. When Sakura stood out in a beret

Speaking of Sakura, she was as pretty as can be in a beret.

4. When the stage was filled with talent

They all blessed the MAMA viewers with their talent.

5. When legendary songs were covered

The sweet sides of these girl groups were brought out.

6. When the besties found each other in the crowd

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae and Kep1er’s Bahiyyih were meant to be together for the ending pose.

7. When Minji completed everyone’s day

Who knew all we needed to have a great day was seeing NewJeans’ Minji dancing to an NMIXX song?

8. When Liz’s voice was unsurprisingly stable

IVE’s main vocalist is here!

9. When Youngeun didn’t come to play

Kep1er’s Youngeun made her name known as well.

10. When Sullyoon and Sakura were the cutest

Sana’s famous “Shy Shy Shy” line was given justice.

11. When NewJeans was adorable as well

Who else replayed NewJeans’ version multiple times?

12. When Gaeul was sexy AF

Her expressions were everything.

13. When Yujin slayed the “Hype Boy” concept

Fresh concepts suit the Kep1er eldest like a glove!

14. When Wonyoung ate up the chorus

The center life comes naturally to Wonyoung.

15. And finally, when the 32 girls ruled the MAMA stage

Who runs the world? Girls.

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