Netizens Pick The 10 Most Shocking And Legendary MAMA Stages Of All Time

Nobody will ever forget #10.

The Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA, officially began in Seoul in 1999. Over the last two decades, there have been some of the most memorable K-Pop performances of all time. Recently, a viral post on a Korean forum chose the top 10 most iconic MAMA stages of all time. Check out the choices below!

1. “Over the Top” — BoA (2005)

Back when MAMA was known as Mnet KM Music Video Festival, or MKMF, BoA left fans in awe with her dancing and epic stage fireworks.

2. “Poison” — Um Jung Hwa (2006)


From the moment the performance began, it shocked fans and left them with the impression of a foreign awards show performance.

3. “2098 Still Raining” — Rain (2008)


Rain’s zero gravity dance and unique stage featuring a screen on the floor made his performance stand out.

4. “Sweet Dream” — EXO (2013)

A year after their debut, EXO was met with great responses for their iconic dance and performance.

5. GD x Taeyang — “Good Boy” and “Fantastic Baby” (2014)

This performance is often referred to as G-Dragon and Taeyang’s best performance and began with G-Dragon’s memorable MAMA diss.

6. “Sense of Swings” — Park Jinyoung (2015)

Netizens were shocked by Park Jinyoung’s performance — just like GOT7’s Jackson!

7. “Born to be MAMAMOO” — MAMAMOO (2018)


MAMAMOO’s command of the stage during their performance skyrocketed their viewers in real time.

8. “Cypher 4” and “Mic Drop” — BTS (2017)

Many people refer to BTS’s 2017 performance as one of their legendary stages, showcasing their fiery passion that projected them to global stardom.

9. MAMAMOO and Park Jinyoung Performance (2019)

Netizens believe the collaboration of “an energetic performance, extravagant remix, and vinyl pants” makes this truly unforgettable!

10. BIGBANG and Lee Hyori Performance (2008)

The legendary kiss between T.O.P and Lee Hyori broke the internet.

Source: theqoo