Here Are 15 Moments In MAMAMOO’s “AYA” MV That Will Leave You Absolutely Shook

#6 will make you scream. Seriously.

MAMAMOO recently dropped their “AYA” music video — and it’s one for the books. Check out these 15 iconic moments that will leave you actually speechless!

1. In the first few seconds, MAMAMOO makes men crawl for them. Literally.

We love powerful women.

2. Hwasa is serving a whole lot of sexiness.

Queen of representing curvy bodies in K-Pop.

3. Wheein + face chain + dark smokey eye makeup = 🖤

When I say I want a goth girlfriend, this is what I mean.

4. Solar needs to catch that shampoo sponsorship from this scene alone.

Come through, L’Oréal!

5. Archeress Moonbyul lives in our minds rent-free.

Katniss who?

6. When the beat drops, the girls turn into wild animals.

This choreography came for our necks.

7. Hwasa isn’t playing games during her dance break.

BRB, memorizing these dance moves to perform in my mirror.

8. That one moment we all got punched in the face by Moonbyul…

…and we’d let her do it again.

9. Solar showing how sexy a unibrow can be.

She’s one hell of a woman.

10. …Yeah, Solar merely existing is enough to make your heart stop.

Seriously, are Solar stans okay?!

11. That one moment when Wheein did this.

Even if Wheein isn’t your bias, Wheein is still your bias.

12. Warning: These back-to-back HwaSun scenes are lethal.

Now, this is what I call a double-kill.

13. Solar looked expensive AF with her feather fan.

Notice how ridiculously awesome her super long braids are.

14. POV: You’re Hwasa’s hater.

Just kidding — She wishes you well. Have fun watching her succeed!

15. In case you survived all of that, just wait for the final dance break.

You will not see this coming!

Check out the amazing music video for yourself below!