9 Times MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Had Dual Charms Like A Durian — Hard On The Outside, Soft On The Inside

Inside, she’s sweet as sugar!

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has seductive visuals that might intimidate you a little at first, but any MooMoo knows inside she’s an angel! Here are 9 different ways she might appear serious on the outside, but is a total softie on the inside.

1. This walk says “I’m confident and you know it!”

…but the way she acts says “I’m baby!”

2. President Hwasa has something to say.

She loves you!

3. She is the physical embodiment of charisma when she performs.

With fans, however, she’s a giggly cutie.

4. Shake it, shake it!

Here’s the cute version of Hwasa dancing. UwU.

5. So how does this woman…

…become this cutie?

6. She’ll chew you up and spit you out.

…Or not. She’s actually just full of love!

7. A queen to the cameras…

…but a princess in real life.

8. This look says “unbothered.”

This one says “My fans are my happiness.”

9. You may think you know her…

…but she’s more than meets the eye.

Love Hwasa? Look out for her 1st Mini Album [María] coming June 29th!