MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Back On “Home Alone” – Here Are All Of Her Mukbang Moments On The Show To Celebrate

Do not read if you’re on a diet.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa first went viral after her iconic gopchang mukbang on Home Alone. For those that don’t know, gopchang is a Korean delicacy that is made from intestines of cows, and can be grilled on a hot iron plate or cooked into a stew. Her delicious eating of the dish sold out gopchang all over the nation. As she returns to the show in episode 354 on the 20th of July, here are all of her mukbang moments on Home Alone, but be warned – don’t view on an empty stomach!

1. Her iconic gopchang mukbang

The one that kick-started it all, Hwasa ate the grilled intestines by a roadside restaurant, causing the panel (and viewers!) to drool. She finished it off with a plate of fried rice to wash down the grease.

Catch the full clip here.

2. Stewed chicken soup

Baeksuk, is a form of stewed chicken with ginseng and herbs, much like samgyetang. This episode was her latest appearance on the show, after her comeback with “Maria”. She expertly debones the chicken to devour it whole.

Catch the full clip here.

3. Oodles of noodles

One of the staples in Asian diets, noodles often made appearances on the show. Other than the regular instant noodles, the cast was also treated to cold mixed noodles and short ribs one day, as they were all gathered together.

4. Truffle jjapaghetti ramen

Heard of the infamous jjapaghetti from Parasite? Hwasa did it first – she expertly boiled down the instant black bean noodles, adding delicious truffle oil to give it a boost.

Her meal was complete with raw egg yolks mixed in and a side of meatballs.

Catch the full clip here.

5. When she snagged the last ramen near the Han River

The Han River is a common spot to enjoy a bowl of instant noodles. Hwasa got the last one in store that day. She makes eating by the roadside, crouched over a bench, look every bit as delicious as eating in a restaurant.

Catch the full clip here.

6. The more the merrier

Hwasa was invited to fellow cast member, Han Hye Yeon‘s house for a midnight feast. The girls snacked on rice cakes, dumplings and sausages that night.

Catch the full clip here.

7. Marinated crab

A traditional Korean dish, raw crab is marinated in soy sauce which gently “cooks” the meat. Breaking it open, you often can see succulent orange roe. The entire thing can be eaten on its own or with rice.

Hwasa eats it with fried laver and rice. She even got a CF deal out of this!

Catch the full clip here.

8. No kitchen, no problem

Hwasa braves the outdoors for a picnic cooking session with a friend. The two make up a delicious meal of ramen, rice cakes and sausages.

Catch the full clip here.

We are absolutely in love with the way Hwasa devours her food! If that got you hungry at midnight, distract yourself with her fierce vocals and visuals in the music video for “Maria”.

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