MAMAMOO Just Revealed Their Surprising Drinking Limits, And They’re Not What You’d Expect From Them At All

One member drinks beer really fast, but another sleeps immediately after just one glass of beer.

Which MAMAMOO member do you think has the highest alcohol tolerance?

During one of their broadcasts, the members were asked about their limits when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Their unexpected answers will surely catch you by surprise!


Since Solar is the oldest member in the group, surely, this must mean that she has the highest alcohol tolerance, right?

Wrong. When it comes to the leader’s drinking limit, she can only drink a glass.

If ever she drinks more than a glass of beer or more than a glass of soju, she sleeps a lot right after.

She also admitted that since she doesn’t like drinking, if ever she drinks more than her limit, she tends to throw up right after.


As for the group’s lethal maknae, you would think that because of her confident image, she can drink more, right?

It turns out that Hwasa’s limit is actually quite low.

As for her, she’ll feel dizzy immediately after drinking a large can of beer.


And now with Wheein’s bubbly personality and innocent visuals due to her adorable dimple, most people looking at her would think that she may not like drinking.

The truth is that Wheein’s alcohol tolerance is quite high — she drinks beer quickly…

…as in, really quickly, as Moonbyul emphasized, but she can still go home in a sober state, so it’s okay for her.

When asked about her limits for both beer and soju, Wheein remarked that she doesn’t really remember since she likes mixing them and drinking them at the same time.


Now, let’s talk about Moonbyul, also known as “Conservative Byul”.

She doesn’t really know her tolerance for beer — so this may mean that it would take quite a lot before she could feel the effects of this alcohol.

And as for soju?

Moonbyul says that she sleeps if she drinks two bottles of grapefuit soju! This is a high tolerance, considering that Solar can handle only one glass.

Moonbyul also shared that she thought her drinking habits are quite decent, but when she drinks with Solar, she realized the truth…

…she actually stutters a lot and mumbles when she’s drunk.

Because of every member’s difference when it comes to alcohol tolerance, they don’t really drink alcohol whenever they bond with each other: they prefer to eat meat and talk.

MAMAMOO members don’t need to be drunk to start playfully teasing and roasting one another, of course — in this next article, the members reveal Solar’s “damaging” secret! Click on the article below to find out what it is.

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