MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Wheein Revealed Solar’s Damaging Secret, And It’s Not As Bad As You Think

Wheein said this secret has been disclosed to the public once before.

During one of their games for their Tipsy Live broadcast, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein rolled the dice and she was given a challenging task!

This is to reveal the secret of one of their opposing team’s members. You see, Moonbyul and Wheein were teammates — this means that Hwasa and Solar are part of the opposing team.

Since both of them were worried about their secrets being revealed, both members tried to cozy up to Wheein in the hope that she won’t reveal their deepest and darkest secrets that will be “damaging” to their career.

Solar even went as far as to forcing Wheein to sit down so that she couldn’t communicate with her teammate Moonbyul.

After their discussion, Moonbyul and Wheein informed everyone that they would just be revealing one secret of one member — and to Solar’s discontent, they chose her as the unwilling target.

Wheein started off by saying that the secret isn’t really damaging anymore, since it was already revealed to the public before.

The members asked if the secret was related to “boogers” or “fart” but Wheein completely shut them down by saying that those two were her secrets. We love a girl who doesn’t give a hoot, after all.

She revealed it by saying that during their filming today, Solar came to the set without washing her hair.

This was a bit embarrassing for Solar since she didn’t wash her hair — even though it was summer, so the members jokingly asked the viewers to give her shampoo.

When it comes to revealing secrets, MAMAMOO members sure don’t hold back! Just check out the next article below to read about what Solar has to say about top celebrity IU.

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