Try To Scroll Through These 20 GIFs Of MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Without Swerving Into Her Lane

Which number made you fail?

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is a work of art. From her rap skills and charismatic stage presence to her hamster cheeks, there are a million reasons to love her. Just try to not fall for her as you scroll through some of her cutest, sexiest, and just downright Moonbyul-est moments.


2. Slaying fangirls since 1992.

3. She said :P.

4. This eye contact will make a Byul stan weak in the knees.

5. This transition from Hwasa’s sexy vibe to Moonbyul’s angelic presence.

6. A little hamster.

7. Her power walk in unmatched.

8. MoonSun is life.

9. Did we mention her visuals?!

10. Byul in specs is something else. 😍

11. Notice the duality: From serious babe to total goofball.

12. She pout. >:(

13. Moonbyul + Seulgi = *chef’s kiss*

14. The inventor of the “casual girlfriend in baseball cap” look.

15. What would this list be without some greasy Byul?

16. Moonbyul, please drop your skincare routine ASAP. Love, MooMoos.

17. Nom nom.

18. This braided look is superior.

19. Her charisma on stage is so full of passion.

20. She looks sooo cozy in a sweater.