7 Of MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Tomboy Outfits That Made Us Call Her “Oppa”

She makes #5 look hot.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul‘s style is unique. She can make typically masculine clothing look flawless on her, and it’s sooo hot. Here are some of her coolest looks that fall within the “Tomboy” realm.

1. All Black

Moonbyul looks like a total girl crush in her all black ensemble. Her shades add to her coolness.

The adidas sneakers add some trendy flair to her look.

2. Suits

Moonbyul can rock anything from a shirt and tie to a tuxedo on stage.

Pinstripes add in some pattern without going overboard.

3. Baggy Tee

Something about Moonbyul’s French tuck of her oversized t-shirt makes her totally irresistable.

4. Baseball Cap

A baseball cap makes her outfits super casual and gives a sporty vibe.

5. Button-up

Moonbyul makes a crisp button-up shirt look super chic when paired with her clutch.


6. Textured Jackets

Moonbyul in leather? It seems the two greatest things of the world have come together.

Alternatively, we love her layered jacket and stripes look. Bonus points for being extra cute mid-drink!

7. Matching Sets

Whether it’s pink or beige, Moonbyul looks good from head-to-toe in one color.