20 Times MAMAMOO Did Questionably Naughty Things To Show How Much They Love Each Other

Number 4 will make any MoonSun stan go crazy.

MAMAMOO share a special bond that is hard to find. They love each other so much that they show their love in all kinds of ways…and sometimes, it’s a bit dirty. Here are 20 moments that to other people may have crossed the line, but to them, it’s just another day in the world of MAMAMOO.

1. Wheein casually…doing this to Solar.

2. Find someone who looks at you the way Solar looks at Moonbyul.

3. Hwasa’s interesting hand placement.

4. Moonbyul can’t keep her hands to herself.

5. Wheein just wants to smooch her leader.

6. MoonSun being this close.

7. Ultimate BFFs Hwasa and Wheein doing typical BFF things.

8. This is how Moonbyul and Hwasa communicate.

9. Solar’s cheeks are just too squishy.

10. OwO

11. Okay, this is adorable.

12. Friends who share food and give kisses stick together.

13. A little privacy, please?

14. Just a little whispering in your ear.

15. These cuties.

16. There is some unique kind of tension here…

17. Can’t resist the booty.

18. …And again.

19. Skinship overload!

20. “Take me into your arms.”