8 Fan Tweets Showing Every Reaction To MAMAMOO Solar’s Bald Teaser Images

MooMoos had every reaction possible.

After MAMAMOO‘s Solar dropped an image teaser for her 1st solo album “SPIT IT OUT,” fans were left in awe at her choice to portray a bald version of herself. Here are 8 reactions from MooMoos who range from proud and empowered to confused and stunned.

1. Solar is redefining the beauty of baldness.

2. She’s shattering stereotypes by disregarding a traditionally “feminine symbol.”

3. She’s got a mission for all.

4. Wait…but is it real?

5. If you thought you could escape a “snatching wig” joke, you’re mistaken.

6. Her potential artistic meanings and social connotations.

7. Fans suddenly realize they have no idea what to expect from her new music.

8. The only thing that’s for sure is MooMoos can’t contain their excitement…and it’s manifesting in many ways.

Be sure to see what Solar has in store for fans on April 23rd when “SPIT IT OUT” is released!