MAMAMOO’s Solar Is So Stunning, She Can Pull Off 10+ Hairstyles Flawlessly

Nobody can do #4 justice like she does.

Solar of MAMAMOO’s beautiful visuals make any hairstyle she tries look absolutely gorgeous on her. From color to style, here are 10+ hair looks that totally do her justice.

1. Elsa’s quaking.

2. This sherbet dream is sooo sweet on the eyes.

3. A ponytail is just the right amount of glam and chic.

4. Pastel orange isn’t for most people, but it definitely is for Solar.

5. This short rosy ‘do is iconic.

6. Cue the heart eyes. 😍

7. Platinum wavy locks? No problem for her.

8. Slicked back hair + This suit = Yes, please.

9. Subtle ombré with a not-so-subtle sex appeal.

10. A natural beauty.

11. Did someone say neon?!

12. Her versatility is unmatched.