5 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Wowed Fans With Her Pole Dancing Prowess

We can’t even imagine the core strength she has to perform #3.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is insanely talented at singing and dancing, leads her group honorably, spreads awareness to global issues, speaks her mind, and is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and she can pole dance like it’s nobodies business. Check out these 5 times she shocked everyone with her power and grace.

1. “Cleopatra”

Solar became the epitome of grace while performing her solo stage at the Mnet Asian Music Awards Japan in 2018.

Her flowing hair and gold/neutral outfit created an angelic vibe as she soared above fans.

When the camera suddenly panned to other artists like IZ*ONE, their open-mouthed reactions were definitely a #mood.

The full majestic performance can be seen below.

2. “Egotistic”

In the “Egotistic” music video, Solar resembles a goddess as she dances against a sunset background.

With the combination of her flowing skirt, the curtains, and her hair, everything seems to be swaying beautifully together…and entrancing us.

The pole dancing scenes add to the fierce and independent vibe of the song.

3. “Despacito”

Solar turned up the heat in her glittery, lace two piece as she danced to a rendition of “Despacito.”


Mid-performance, she is absolutely breathtaking and looks more like a piece of art than a real person.

The performance beautifully transitions from darkness into a light and airy stage as the dancers in white emerge waving white feathered fans.

4. “Starry Night”

Solar looked like a porcelain doll in her white ensemble, but showed her femme fatale qualities in her choreography.

She then transitioned flawlessly into a performance with the rest of MAMAMOO.

5. Practice

Whether she is on a stage or just practicing casually, we are still captivated by her performance.

She even occasionally shares her progress with MooMoos via the group’s Instagram account.

One thing is certain, Solar is beyond talented in many ways!