MAMAMOO’s Solar Danced To Saweetie’s “Tap In” And Now The Whole Internet Is Thirsty — Here Are 10 Fan Reactions

#3 is a MOOD.

In collaboration with choreographer and dancer Ji Hyo, MAMAMOO’s Solar released a choreography video for Saweetie’s “Tap In.” As expected, the internet is currently in flames from the hot performance. Check out these 10 reactions from fans that basically sum up how we’re all feeling!


1. When Wheein’s OST is released simultaneously and MooMoos don’t know how to feel

There’s a lot of emotions happening in the world of MAMAMOO right now.

2. When the preview at the end of the video is Solar looking innocent in a hanbok

After that performance, the queen of duality returns to being her squishy and adorable self.

3. When Solar drives…you crazy

Either way, she’s taking MooMoos on a ride.

4. When the nonstop peach references start to make sense

She knows what she’s doing. 🍑

5. When you realize Solar’s main objective is to make you lose your marbles

Mission success.

6. When anybody thought we could move on after this

No “coming up next,” I’m rewatching this 221+ times.

7. When she eats the peach at the end like it’s every MooMoo’s soul

She said it was delicious, too.

8. When Solar and Ji Hyo are the ultimate power duo

Bless the stars for aligning for this to happen.

9. When you don’t know what the future may hold

She basically did all the moves, it’s only a matter of time until it happens for real.

10. When this Solar and this Wheein live in your mind rent-free

No thoughts, head WheeSun.

Check out the incredible video for yourself below!