4 Reasons You Should Stan MAMAMOO’s Solar Right Now

Reason #1 will already make you fall for her.

MAMAMOO‘s leader Solar should be at the top of your bias list — or at least on your radar. Beyond her bright smile and killer vocals, she has a ton of characteristics that make for an incredible idol and role model. Check out these 4 amazing facts about her that will convince you to stan her ASAP!

1. She’s a feminist icon.

Solar doesn’t listen to haters when they try to tell her what she should and shouldn’t be wearing.

As a matter of fact, it only makes her more inclined to dress how she wants!

Despite her girl-next-door image, Solar is vocal about wanting to look sexy on stage and thinks every woman has the right to choose how they want to dress or portray themselves.

She’s also not afraid to show her passion for pole dancing, which can sometimes be viewed in a negative light by conservative Korean standards.

She shows fans that the sport is an artistic and beautiful performance that takes time and effort to perfect.

I pole danced first at our concert. I didn’t want to disappoint our fans, so I practiced really hard.

— Solar

Similarly, Solar isn’t afraid to be sexy if she wants to in her dance covers.

Her outfit choices may be considered daring by some, but to Solar, she’s just putting on a cool performance!

Many male idols rip open their clothing while performing. It made me wonder ‘Why don’t female idols do that?’ I want to do that too.

— Solar

2. She’s a charitable angel.

Solar is constantly giving back and spreading awareness for causes she believes in.

She once donated 100 twenty-two pound boxes of kimchi to underprivileged elderly men and women.

She’s encouraged fans to participate in the “Social Welfare Day Challenge” where the goal is to do what you can in order to help reduce social inequality.

She’s vocal about educating her audience on issues in the world, from female genital mutilation…

…to the danger caused to polar bears from the effects of global warming.

3. She keeps it real.

As a part of MAMAMOO, Solar is incredibly honest. Alcohol, contract end dates, TMI stories — Nothing is off-limits for MAMAMOO.

She’ll show the contents of her phone to fans…

…swipe through Tinder for her manager…

…and even show her weight before dieting!

| Solarsido/YouTube

She’s not afraid to show the world that she’s a real person with ups and downs just like everyone else.

Whenever I’m going on stage or broadcasts, I take around an hour to get my hair and makeup done, but on YouTube I wanted to show my natural side … If that’s a problem, you can skip the video.

— Solar in response to comment about her appearance

4. She’s an incredible leader.

Solar pours her endless passion into everything she does, including being the leader of MAMAMOO.

She gives them advice, protects them, and loves them with all her heart!

From solo music, to her YouTube channel, to any idea she has, she always gives 110% effort.

Her immense talent allows her to pick up any skill quickly.

Solar pole danced first for a music video, and at that time, she had only learned for about an hour.

— Moonbyul

Solar’s cool and courageous personality, combined with her passion, make her the perfect leader!