5 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Didn’t Give A F*** About Conservative Korean Standards

#2 absolutely shocked K-Netizens.

MAMAMOO’s Solar is an empowering, badass woman who doesn’t need anyone else’s opinion. Here are 5 times she stepped outside the rigid boundaries of South Korea’s conservatism and did exactly what she wanted to do.

1. She shows the beauty of baldness.

For her solo album “SPIT IT OUT,” Solar decided to do something that is rarelyif ever—seen in K-Pop: Trying bald makeup.

Solar chose baldness as a means of expression for her true, natural self.

Since it’s music that expresses me, I wanted to express my true self in an abstract way.

— Solar

Hair is often symbolic of feminine beauty, but by choosing to forgo hair altogether, Solar empowered various fans who thought they would never see someone who looks like them in media or K-Pop.

Reddit post. Cr: @wheetulip

Some MooMoos have posted matching pictures with Solar on #MooMooSelcaDay when fans tweet a picture of themselves along with a member of the group.

2. She unapologetically shows the artistry of pole dancing.

After pole dancing in MAMAMOO’s Egotistic music video, Korean netizens shamed her for her “overtly sexual” and “over-the-top” performance.

This pushed Solar to put on a grand pole dancing performance at 2018 MAMA in front of a huge audience.


Fans believe that Solar’s pole dancing is not only an athletic activity and a form of art, but also a statement that women shouldn’t let gender stereotypes hold them back from pursuing whatever they want.

3. Her body, her choice.

When haters try to tell her how to dress, she simply shrugs it off. She does what she wants with her own body and self-expression.

It’s up to me how I want to dress.

— Solar

She even refuses to let her company dictate decisions for her when it comes to self-expression.

She’s not afraid of stirring up some controversy as long as she’s expressing herself in the way she wants to!

4. She showed her bare face and clapped back at Netizens.

Solar received backlash after appearing at the airport without any makeup on.

After reading the hate, she had a few words for people who leave mean comments.

Everyone, you can’t. You can’t leave those kinds of comments. … Of course, people can get prettier with makeup, and people can look less pretty without makeup.

— Solar

Solar acknowledged makeup for what it is: A tool that can be used to visually enhance yourself. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to leave rude comments.

5. If boys can do it, so can girls.

It’s a common practice for men to rip their clothes off on stage and leave fans screaming with joy.

Fans can hardly see women doing the same, and if they step outside these boundaries, they are often met with harsh criticism.

…But that didn’t stop Solar from tearing her shirt off at the end of her BTS “Fire” cover performance.

After seeing many male idols ripping their shirts on stage, I wondered, ‘Why can’t girls do that too?’

— Solar

Source: Twitter