MAMAMOO’s Wheein Is The Definition Of Duality In These 10+ GIFs

Is she sexy or cute? Or both?

MAMAMOO’s Wheein has endless charms, including confusing her beloved MooMoos. Is she cute…or sexy? Maybe she’s just both. Take a look at these 10+ GIFs and judge for yourself.

1. Don’t blink, because it takes a second for this…

to become this.

2. Wheein’s expressions range from sexy vixen…

to actual marshmallow.

3. This is how she looks in an oversized button-up shirt.

And this is how she looks in an oversized coat.

4. Here’s Wheein dancing.

This is also Wheein dancing.

5. She gives bedroom eyes…

and puppy dog eyes.

6. So you’re telling me this woman…

is this girl?

7. She’s classy, mature, and sexy.

Yet she’s sweet, girly, and innocent.

8. Alright, this is a little rude.

This also hurts, but only because she’s too cute to handle.

9. She knows she’s hot.

And she knows she’s cute.

10. Not sure if I want Wheein as my girlfriend…

or my daughter.

11. She can work a stage.

She can also work a cute filter.

12. A total seductress…

and 100% goofball.