You Won’t Believe How Good MAMAMOO’s Wheein Looks In These 10+ Different Hairstyles

How can someone pull off BOTH #3 and #4?

MAMAMOO’s Wheein has such beautiful visuals, she can rock just about any hairstyle. From colored hair to platinum bobs, here are her 10+ best looks.

1. Straight Blue Hair

Wheein’s silky straight royal blue locks are mesmerizing.

2. Textured Platinum Bob

Her ruffled blonde chin-length ‘do gives major girl crush vibes.

3. Braids

Depending on how she styles them, Wheein can make braids look cool and edgy or romantic and girly!

4. Dark Bob

Wheein owns short hair with this chic look.

5. Blonde Waves

Something about this hairstyle gives her a country-pop singer look and it’s adorable.

6. Short Bangs

Wheein pulled off the unique look when she took her bangs up over her eyebrows.

7. Loose Braid

The effortlessly girly look is beautiful on her.

8. Mermaid ‘Do

When Wheein’s blue hair is styled in waves with curly tendrils for bangs, it’s reminiscent of a mermaid.

9. Dark and Sleek

She can’t go wrong with the classic hairstyle.

10. Polished Blonde Bob

When her platinum hair is styled accordingly, it elevates her look.

11. Longer Choppy Bangs

Is there anything Wheein can’t rock?

12. Golden Honey

Wheein stans know this look all too well.

13. Accessory Overload

When in doubt, pile ’em on.


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