10 Times MAMAMOO’s Wheein And Moonbyul’s Devastatingly Cute Height Difference Was Captured On Camera

They’re too cute.

What MAMAMOO lack in height, they make up for in talent — and they’re very talented. The shortest member, Wheein, is about 159 cm while the tallest, Moonbyul, is around 162 cm. It may not seem like much, but when they’re together, their adorable height difference is incredibly charming. Check out these 10 photos of them together that will make your heart melt!

1. Baby Wheein is so cute.

2. Wheebyul stans beware.

3. Moonbyul seems so much taller than her, even if it’s only a few centimeters!

4. Every centimeter counts for MAMAMOO.

5. Moonbyul has to bend down so much for Wheein to whisper to her.

6. This is too sweet.

7. How can you not love these girls?!

8. Maybe Wheein needs a nice pair of heels for some help.

9. They fit together so well, though!

10. These cuties will steal your heart with their charms!