10+ “Map Of The Soul: 7” Theories That Will Get You Hyped For BTS’s Comeback

These fan theories are so wild, they just might be true.

It’s official: BTS is coming back on February 21 with MAP OF THE SOUL: 7! So far, not much is known about BTS’s mysterious 2020 album, but fans have theories. If you’re not excited for BTS’s comeback yet (first of all, what’s wrong with you?) these fan theories will get you hyped!


1. A return to the WINGS era…


2. …or the HYYH era?


3. Jungkook’s tattoos


4. Actually, everybody’s tattoos


5. I Purple You


6. Seven deadly sins


7. Seven Egos


8. This bittersweet concept


9. Seven ways to go broke


10. Jin approves this message


11. Sages of Greece