Here Are 7 Sexy Male Idols Exploding With Macho Charms

#5 is a real manly man on stage.

These idols love to put on a charismatic and manly performance for fans. Check out the 7 male idols who will sweep you off your feet with their sexy gazes and ripped bodies!

1. Kai (EXO)

Kai’s masculine stage performances make him every EXO-L’s designated bias wrecker.


2. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook has matured a ton over the past few years, and he isn’t afraid to show it!


3. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

Mingyu is known for his smouldering good looks in SEVENTEEN.


4. Yeonjun (TXT)

Yeonjun has his own unique and cool type of charisma.


5. San (ATEEZ)

One look at San’s performances and you’ll know exactly why he’s on the list.


6. Woojin (AB6IX)

Woojin is totally hot — and he knows it.


7. Rowoon (SF9)

Rowoon’s clean-cut look is masculine, crisp, and oh-so fine.


Source: Nate Pann
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