Meet The Hot Siblings Of All The BLACKPINK Members

Here is everything we know about BLACKPINK’s brothers and sisters.

1. Rosé’s sister – Alice Park

When netizens first discovered Alice’s photos, they couldn’t believe how much Rosé’s older sister looked like Jisoo!

The two could be twins! Alice is absolutely stunning!

And you can see the clear resemblance to Rosé!


Like Rosé, Alice was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

She also studied law at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Since rising to social media fame, Alice has gained over 760,000 followers on Instagram. Her account is filled with gorgeous selfies as well as snapshots of nature, books, and food from her daily life.

2. Jisoo’s brother Junghun & sister Jiyun

Some Jisoo fans may not be surprised to learn that BLACKPINK’s oldest member is the maknae in her own family.

As children, they would play Top Blade (aka Beyblade) together. Jisoo also enjoyed watching him play with toy cars.

Jisoo’s oldest sibling, Kim Junghun, is a happily married father of one.

BLACKPINK even attended his wedding back in 2019.


Next up is Kim Jiyoon, Jisoo’s older sister and close friend.

She’s living happily as a wife and mother of two adorable children.

3. Jennie & Lisa

Both Jennie and Lisa grew up as the only children in their family but they became like sisters after joining BLACKPINK. Like real sisters, Jennie and Lisa love to joke around.

They also love to share food…

…and affection!

Jennie has also found another “sister”, TWICE’s Nayeon. The two of them used to hang out during their trainee days.

While Jennie has Nayeon, Lisa has GOT7’s BamBam.

The two have been friends since childhood and always seek each other out when they attend the same events.

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