Meet The Siblings Of All The BTS Members

Not much is known about them, but here’s everything we know.

1. J-Hope‘s sister – Jung Dawon

Jung Dawon is four years older than J-Hope but with her youthful looks, she could be his twin…


…or his dongsaeng!


Dawon’s Instagram is loaded with pretty selfies and fashionable outfits.

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With such stunning beauty, she could easily be mistaken for an idol…


…so it’s no surprise that she models for her own clothing line, MEJIWOO.


J-Hope, being the loving brother he is, has helped promote his sister’s clothing line by wearing it himself.

Fans just can’t get over these gorgeous siblings!


2. Jin‘s brother – Kim Seok Jung 


Not much is known about Jin’s older brother, Kim Seok Jung, but he reportedly supported Jin’s success…

…by attending The Wings Tour as a VIP guest!


He and his girlfriend attended the concert together.


3. Suga’s brother – Min Junki

Suga’s elusive older brother, Min Junki, also attended The Wings Tour.



Since Min Junki has stayed out of the spotlight, not much else is known about him. However, he allegedly featured on the Agust D track “SKIT”.


4. RM‘s sister – Kim Kyung Min

RM’s little sister has stayed fairly hidden from fans, which is a shame because she is just as cute as her brother!

When asked which member RM would introduce his sister to he said Jimin.


5. V‘s siblings – Kim Jong GyuKim Eun Jin

Unfortunately, no confirmed photos of V’s siblings have appeared to have been made public. However, Kim Eun Jin may look something like V’s beautiful younger cousin, pictured here.

V must miss seeing his brother. He teared up while talking about him during a live broadcast.


6. Jimin‘s brother – Park Jihyun


Jimin often treats BTS‘s maknae, Jungkook, like an adopted younger brother but Jimin’s real brother, Park Jihyun, can be seen on the beach during Jimin’s Busan vlog.

According to some fans, Jihyun looks like a pre-debut Jungkook!


See the full vlog here.


7. Jungkook’s brother – Jeon Junghyun

For a long time, fans mistook this handsome man as Jeon Junghyun…


In truth, the “brother” in that picture is actually Sungjin from Day6!


The mistake is totally understandable though since the two really look like they could be related!

The real Junghyun isn’t a fan of selfies but his Instagram account, jeon756, is full of digital paintings, like this rendition of BTS as Spongebob characters.

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Junghyun must be proud of his talented younger brother because most of his pictures are BTS fan art!

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Once, BTS even tweeted Junghyun’s BTS x The Simpsons picture.


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