Here Are 3 (Maybe 4) Mega-Hit Netflix Productions That Will Be Coming Back For A Second Season

Which one are y’all most excited for?!

Netflix has been killing it with their original production releases, as their original series and films continue to dominate throughout the world. In particular, the streaming platform giant has been receiving even more praise for their recent surge of chart-topping Korean productions—and it doesn’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon.

As Netflix continues to thrive in the streaming platform industry, there have been a few season extension confirmations that have started to take over headlines, so let’s take a look at the 3, maybe 4 viral productions that will be making their way back onto our screens soon.

1. Sweet Home

Poster for “Sweet Home.”

We are kicking off this list on a strong note with the creepy horror series, Sweet Home. Based on a Naver webtoon with the same title, the apocalyptic series soared to popularity for its monster-filled plot. In addition to the amazing storyline, the Netflix production also garnered positive attention for its star-studded cast. Song KangLee Jin WookLee Si YoungLee Do HyunGo Min Si, and more took over the screens with their appearances.

Still from “Sweet Home” | Netflix


While not all the characters will be returning for the second season, it’s been confirmed that the main leads Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Si Young will be coming back for the second installment. It’s been rumored that this will be one of Song Kang’s last productions before he heads off to his mandatory military enlistment, causing even more anticipation. Sweet Home‘s first season only premiered back in December 2020, so we may find ourselves waiting a little bit before the season season comes—but it’s coming.

2. D.P.

Poster for “D.P.”

Next up, we have the raw army-based production that premiered back on August 2021, D.P. This K-Drama is also based on a webtoon and it stars South Korea’s favorite puppy actor, Jung Hae In. The 6-episode series quickly took over the nation’s headlines following its premiere for its depiction of the ongoing dark realities of the mandatory military service.

Still from “D.P.” | Netflix

The “survival of the fittest” mindset that is heavily required to endure the 1.5 years of the service was painted clearly in D.P., with a shocking twist that captivated viewers worldwide. And while 6 episodes seemed too short for the production’s fans, a second season was confirmed in December 2021. No further updates have been provided regarding a premiere date, but just a little while longer before we get to see more of this heart-wrenching plot.

3. Squid Game

Poster for “Squid Game.”

Perhaps a surprising one, but the global hit Squid Game will be returning for an additional season as well. This came as a bit of a shock due to the director’s previous comment about how long it took him to create the show—10 years to be exact. With a decade to perfect the details, it’s no wonder why the survival television series broke records and topped charts all over the globe. The color scheme, the intricate details, the unique storyline and the amazing actors all came together for one perfect formula.

Still from “Squid Game” | Netflix

While Hwang Dong Hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, previously alluded to hints about an additional season, it was Netflix’s co-CEO that personally confirmed the exciting news. Given that the first season took a whopping 10 years to make, fans all over the world can’t help but wonder how long the second season will take.

4. All of Us Are Dead (Not confirmed)

Poster for “All of Us Are Dead.”

Last, but not least is the current viral Netflix hit, All of Us Are Dead. The zombie teen flick is being slated as the second Squid Game, proving its immense success and global power. The apocalyptic survival K-Drama swept the world’s Netflix audience, as headlines continue to be made regarding every detail in this series.

Still from “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

Unlike the previous three Netflix productions, All of Us Are Dead‘s second season has not been fully confirmed—yet. According to WikiTree, the director of the series recently revealed his plans for an additional season, stating that he believes “season 1 will be a great stepping stone for a season 2.” He also shared his personal desires to create an additional season, but nothing has been confirmed. The director gave a sneak peek at what the main plot would be, if they were to get a second season. He shared that season 2 “would focus more on the story of the zombies in contrast to the humans.”

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