Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of Mystic Story’s First Girl Group: Billlie

From visuals to talent, this girl group is one to watch!

If there weren’t enough K-Pop groups to already stan, it seems like 2021 has seen a huge number of idols debut in different companies. With only two months left of the year, it seems like the K-Pop industry has no intention of slowing down and Mystic Story Entertainment recently announced that their girl group Billie would be debuting on November 10.

The members of Billlie | @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

The group was formerly known as the Mystic Rookies, and the members have been gaining attention for their stunning visuals, even before the announcement was made about their debut. Here is a look at everything you need to know about the members of K-Pop’s newest girl group!

1. Sua

The first member that has caught the eyes of many netizens is the oldest member and leader, Sua!

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

Born on September 9, 1999, Sua is a former YG Entertainment trainee and is a trained rapper after her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar 2. As well as showing her skills but being one of the writers for the song used and performed in survival show Mixnine, titled “Come Over.”

| Mnet

Alongside her stunning visuals and talent, Sua is also known to many K-Pop fans as the younger sister of ASTRO member Moobin. In the past, Moonbin has shown his public support for his sister throughout her training. Sua even revealed that he had given her a lot of support throughout her career.

| THEQoo

Sua also earned the nickname “Social Butterfly” because of all of her idol friends, including GFRIEND’s SinB, KARD’s Jiwoo, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. With her years of experience and training, there is no denying that Sua will be vital for the group’s success and a true leader.

2. Suhyeon

Born on January 15th, 2000, member Suhyeon is also not a stranger to the world of K-Pop.

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

In particular, since becoming a trainee, Suhyeon has appeared on the first series of Produce 101 and MIXNINE, However, more netizens will probably recognize her as the charismatic and bubbly Yeo Boram in the web drama A-Teen. Although the company explained that she would be focusing on acting, Suhyeon is now set to debut in Billlie and showcase her diversity.

With both her acting, singing, and performance skills, she will definitely be a key member and it will be exciting to see how much she grows in an idol group.

3. Haram

Born on January 13th, 2001, Haram has glamorous visuals that give her a luxurious vibe that caught the attention of netizens. According to sources, she won the SM Entertainment‘s ‘Everysing’ karaoke contest and received vocal lessons from SM vocal coaches as a prize.

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

With this, many expect that Haram will be the group’s main vocal and showcase her spectacular singing voice along with her visuals. Despite less being known about her compared to the other members, it will be exciting to see what she can bring to the group.

| @harami_beam/Instagram

4. Tsuki

Born in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Tsuki had previously auditioned for JYP Entertainment and trained under SM Entertainment before joining Mystic Story. Born in September 2002, she is a former member of the J-Pop group MAGICOUR, a 7+ME LINK project subunit from the fashion magazine Popteen.

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

With her experience in the industry, Tsuki even has her own fandom name Tarutaru, and many believe that she could possibly be the main dancer in the group. With her adorable looks, there is no denying that Tsuki will fit perfectly with the group.

| @talways_tari/Instagram

5. Siyoon

Like several of the other members, member Siyoon is no stranger to the world of K-Pop, despite being born in 2005. Although she only became part of Mystic Story in 2019, she has been training for a long time and was even mentioned in a news article aspiring K-pop trainees back in 2015.

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

Since she was little, Siyoon has also appeared in several television shows, and she even appeared in BOYFRIEND‘s ‘Love Style’ MV teaser. As well as appearing on magazine covers, she trained in various dance companies before becoming a trainee, which will give her the diverse experience needed in K-Pop.

| @see_uniuni/Instagram

6. Haruna

As the youngest member of Billlie, Haruna was born in Osaka, Japan, on January 30, 2006. Although not much is known about Haruna compared to the other members, she is rumored only to have joined Mystic Story in 2021 and must’ve showcased immense talent to debut in Billlie.

| @BilllieOfficial/ Twitter

On the official profiles of the group, Haruna is listed as the visual and main dancer, and it’s not difficult to see why. She has been dancing for years and, with her youthful visuals and doll-like features, she is definitely going to be a rising star in K-Pop and be known for her talent and visuals.

Source: Kprofiles

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