These Were The Messiest Celebrity Feuds Of 2017

Sometimes idol life isn’t all glitz and glamor.

1. Taeyeon vs Wiz Khalifa

The feud between Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa dates back to MAMA 2016, where it was revealed that MAMA had prepared a collaboration stage between Wiz Khalifa and a K-Pop artist whose identity they kept a secret.

Due to some leaked rehearsal footage, fans found out ahead of time that the mystery K-Pop artist was Taeyeon, and it became the most discussed topic among K-Pop fans.

However things became ugly when just minutes before the special performance of “See You Again” was supposed to take place, Wiz Kalifa found out that the stage had been canceled. Believing that the stage had been canceled because Taeyeon backed out of her own volition, Wiz began to tweet about the situation.

Taeyeon updated Instagram with her own feedback on the situation, claiming that she had not “backed out” of the performance, but had heard that the stage was canceled because of technical problems.

Despite Taeyeon’s clarification, Wiz Khalifa tweeted that Taeyeon said she needed to go to the hospital, then asked to be on a different stage, and then ultimately canceled the stage.

Fans of Wiz Khalifa even started to taunt Taeyeon for canceling the performance.

Taeyeon immediately refuted the claim on her Instagram expressing that she never went to a hospital and that she just went back to her hotel after waiting for Wiz Khalifa’s rehearsals.

“I did not visit the hospital my friend.. I was waiting for you all day and now I am finally back to my hotel”

— Taeyeon

The issue continued on to a variety of more misunderstandings and differing claims. Although the situation never cleared out to one true story, you can get all the details below:

[★EXCLUSIVE] Here’s what really happened between Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa at MAMA 2016

2. T-ARA vs Hwayoung

The T-ARA members and Ryu Hwayoung had a big scandal that dates back to 2012, where Hwayoung claimed that she was bullied by the other members of T-ARA.

In July 2012, Hwayoung twisted her ankle as she was coming off the stage and didn’t appear on music shows afterward.

Following the incident, T-ARA member criticized Hwayoung on Twitter, although not directly referring her name.

“Like a place can change a person, the determination can also make a difference on a person. Sigh… One should be able to look after others.”

— Eunjung

“Differences in determination ^^ Let’s us all have more determination. Fighting!!!!!!”

— Hyomin

“@Hyomin Differences in determination^^ So Humble^^ So sensible^^ I applaud you, you acting genius^^”


“Differences in determination+humbleness+being considerate♥ Let’s cheer up^^^^*”

— Soyeon

Screenshots of the T-ARA members’ Tweets.

A few days later, T-ARA’s agency officially announced that Hwayoung was leaving T-ARA. They claimed that there are no feuds between T-ARA members and Hwayoun, but did not reveal the reason for Hwayoung’s departure.

Hwayoung appeared on tvN’s Taxi in 2017 with her twin sister Hyoyoung, who was also under T-ARA’s agency. After keeping quiet for 5 years, she revealed how she felt about the scandal.

“Thinking about it now, I think it’s something that could have happened between girls.

Looking back, all of us were young and inexperienced with the world. I was still a teenager too.”

— Hwayoung

However, shortly after the episode of Taxi aired, a staff member from T-ARA’s agency came forward and claimed that Hwayoung was just playing the victim.

The staff claimed that Hwayoung wore a cast on her legs, even though nothing was wrong, and that she tried to avoid rehearsals claiming that her leg hurt.

The drama became full-fledged when she uploaded screenshots of a conversation between T-ARA’s former member Areum and Hyoyoung. The conversation showed Hyoyoung threatening Areum.

“Baby you should just go away.

I’m going to beat you up at Music Bank, just wait.

I will scratch your face so you can’t appear on camera. Wait for it~^^.

I am not going to be a singer any more, so wait *^^, dogs only learn when they are beaten up.

Stupid bitch, just wait for it. Yeah you are doing a great job at snitching”

— Hyoyoung

With the two parties having such a contrasting view of the situation, the drama continues to be unresolved. Netizens are just left with the fact that the two parties just could not get along with each other.

3. BTS vs B.Free

Korean rapper B.Free hated on BTS and other idol rappers back in 2013 for being “pretend” hip-hop artists.

B.Free and BTS appeared on a broadcast show together, where B.Free blatantly called out RM and Suga’s music in front of their face. He said that BTS’s music was not real hip-hop.

Although RM tried to politely finish up the conversation, B.Free continued on and said that idol make-ups are gay and farther insulted BTS’s music.

In 2014, BTS released a song “BTS Cypher part.2: Triptych” and dissed B.Free.

“All you hip-hop designer brand bastards,
come down from the foamy bubbles
Hey you brats, your crappy rap is a burden to others
Take a break and wait, just go to Hawaii, go home
See how far I go, all the rotten roots will be replaced
Everyone, let’s play a game,
without efforts, you’ll just be grieving
You think you can do music?
Just go look for a part-time job
Although your short and thin career
will get you nowhere I hope you survive,
keep rotting away, that’s your label
Your life is like a mudfish, your rap is recycled
You save up and divide up the flow,
write it up and use it again
Hey beat, know that you’re embarrassing,
just with 24 measures, you lay down sick
Compared to your size, your rap is so thin
Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you
I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career”

— Lyrics from BTS’s “Cypher ParT.2: Triptych”

Although B.Free expressed so much hate towards idol rappers, he later released a song in 2016 for a collaboration with WINNER‘s Mino. Needless to say, many of BTS’s fans found it very ironic.

Then a year later, B.Free blasted BTS and their fans again, saying that he would “bitch slap” BTS when he sees them next time

B.Free then soon had a change of heart when he tweeted an apology to BTS.

Fast forward now to 2017, B.Free revived the issue again when he appeared on a Youtube channel and said he would rather apologize to San E (who he called a retarded rapper) than BTS.

4. 14U’s Doyoul vs D.O.

A newly debuted idol group 14U‘s member Doyoul allegedly dissed EXO‘s D.O. for “stealing” actors’ jobs.

An account under Doyoul’s name expressed that he majored in acting and that from his educated perspective, D.O. couldn’t act. He stated that D.O. was able to land roles, not because he was a talented actor, but because he is a member of EXO.

He also stated that D.O. only had the opportunity to act because his agency had the power to get D.O. to audition for a role.

“I’ve been studying acting for over 3 years…

Anyone can act like Do Kyungsoo if you practice acting for a year. Think about why Lee Joon or Im Siwan never gets cursed at as an actor.

I can back up what I’m saying by people that I met in the movie industry.”

“His own talent? I’m telling you that [the production companies] send agencies [the scripts]. Is that his talent or is it the merit of his company?”

— “Kim Doyoul” Account

Screenshots of Kim Doyoul’s alleged comments.

5. Flowsik vs Idol Rappers

Flowsik had a live stream on Instagram where he revealed his thoughts on idol rappers taking rap lessons and who he believes are “real rappers”.

He stated that rappers who receive rap lessons are not real rappers and categorized rappers and idol rappers into different categories.

“There are rappers in Korea who take rap lessons. That’s never existed before. I was shocked.

Rappers who calls themselves rappers going to take rap lessons? I don’t think they are real rappers.

My brother Jooheon? I love him. He is a good kid, but he’s an idol rapper. He knows it.

In his raps, he talks about being an idol and how tiring it is. That is a real artist. You are talking about who you really are.”

— Flowsik

However, he clarified that his words were taken out of context. He explained that he was not talking about all idol rappers, but he stated that many idol rappers should not call themselves real rappers.