“Identifies As Asian”: 10+ Most Relatable Reactions To Michelle Yeoh’s Historic Oscar Win

#4 is too true.

The Asian community celebrated last March 12 when Michelle Yeoh and the movie she starred in, Everything Everywhere All At Once, won big at the 95th Academy Awards.

Michelle Yeoh | Academy Awards

The Malaysian actress played the role of Evelyn Wang, a Chinese American immigrant who experiences different versions of herself in alternate universes.

Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian to win “Best Actress” at the Oscars, a feat that she and the Asian community from all around the world took great pride in.

We deserve to be heard. We deserve to be seen.

— Michelle Yeoh

Check out some of the most heartwarming “proud to be Asian” tweets below.

1. When they were ecstatic that Michelle Yeoh made history

2. When she brought them to tears

3. When famous actress Sandra Oh was also visibly excited

4. When her win got other nationalities wishing for the same

5. When we all agreed she is an “unstoppable force”

6. When she helped Asians be seen in the acting industry

7. When her win was a win for all Asian women

8. When it was history in the making

9. When Malaysia was extra overjoyed

10. When literally everyone was happy for her

11. When Twitter loved how she stuck to her roots

12. When Michelle identified herself as Asian and made it known proudly

Congratulations, Michelle Yeoh!

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