From Milk To Soju, Here Are 10 Brands That “CF Queen” IU Models For

You may not have known about #5.

IU is known for being a critically acclaimed singer and actress.

Her songs top charts from the moment they’re released, such as her recent collaboration with BTS‘s Suga.

She was also nominated for “Best Actress” in the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

These are all proofs that she’s so popular in South Korea. By 2018, she was named a “CF Queen” for signing a soju contract alongside four other brands.

Check out her endorsements below!

1. Soju

She poses for alcoholic beverages like soju for Chamisul.

2. Milk

But her youthful visuals and childlike innocence also make IU the perfect ambassador for Binggrae’s banana flavored milk.

3. Water

She’s as universally liked as the Jeju Samdasoo water that she models for.

4. Jewelry

With her visuals, jewelry companies like J.Estina clamor for her attention.

5. Glasses

Like her Hotel Del Luna character, IU is cool enough to model sunglasses as well, such as this one by VEDI VERO.

6. Cosmetics

Her perfect skin makes her a great representative for CNP Laboratory cosmetics.

7. Electronics

Whether it’s wireless headphones or the traditional kind, IU can pull off any look.

8. Medicine

KD Pharmaceutical works with IU to promote healthy lifestyles while using their products.

9. Games

Everyone likes mobile games, and the singer-actress is one of them! She models for Anipang, a South Korean mobile puzzle game.

10. Fashion

Finally, while this is not technically an ad, IU is an ambassador for luxury brand Gucci.

IU is definitely a CF queen!

Source: Pann