3 Misconceptions About BLACKPINK That Need To Stop Immediately

#3 is so annoying 🙄

The BLACKPINK members have all cemented their status as K-Pop legends, but there are quite a few misconceptions about the group as a whole.

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Here are 3 common misconceptions about BLACKPINK that need to disappear forever.

1. They’re not close

Many K-Pop fans believe that the BLACKPINK members don’t get along well and that they see each other as coworkers. However, the members have proven this misconception wrong on many occasions.

Although they don’t post photos from all of their private hangouts, the members do see each other outside of work and they enjoy spending time together. It’s always a treat when they let fans get a glimpse of their friendships!

They also supported each other during their solo debuts.

If you need proof of how close the members are, just watch BLACKPINK House!

2. They’re conceited and stuck up

Because of BLACKPINK’s immense fame, their girl crush concept, and their fabulous lifestyles, some people think the members are conceited. However, they’re all incredibly humble and kind!

Everyone who has met the members in person has reported that they are super sweet in real life. They’re kind to everyone they meet, including fans, staff members, and other people in the industry.

This misconception surrounds all the members, but particularly Jennie because of her highly sophisticated image and her Ice Princess visuals. Although some people may think Jennie looks cold on the outside, she’s a total sweetheart and the other members are too!

3. They’re not passionate about music

Because BLACKPINK’s discography is not very large, some people mistakenly assume that they aren’t passionate about music at all, but the members have consistently proven this misconception wrong time after time.

Jennie once said she wished she had more songs to sing while performing at one of the group’s concerts.

She has also written her own rap lyrics. People who aren’t passionate about their craft just don’t go around doing things like that!

Rosé has been very open about her love for music, and she’s no stranger to having late night jam sessions.

The members have also shown their love for music through their solo music. Although Jisoo hasn’t made her solo debut yet, she has hinted that it is in the works.

All of the members work incredibly hard in the studio to make great music for BLINK, too. Even their producer, Teddy, confessed that he is thoroughly impressed by their hard work and knowledge of their craft.



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