3 Misconceptions About TWICE’s Tzuyu That Need To Stop Immediately

There’s more to Tzuyu than meets the eye.

Many people adore TWICE‘s Tzuyu, but there are many misconceptions out there about TWICE’s maknae.

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

Casual fans often form an incomplete impression of Tzuyu, but there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. She’s amazing on the surface, but her awesomeness is even more apparent when you learn more about her. However, to really understand Tzuyu, i’ts important to break through the misconceptions and myths about her.

Here are 3 misconceptions about Tzuyu that have to stop immediately!

1. She’s only a visual member

Tzuyu is undoubtedly beautiful. Just look at her!

She’s largely considered one of the most beautiful women in K-Pop and the world. While Tzuyu’s beauty deserves to be celebrated, antis often claim her looks are her only contribution to TWICE.

Tzuyu is so much more than just a pretty face. She’s a great singer, excellent dancer, and an extremely kind and caring human. To ignore all of her great qualities and focus only on her looks is to ignore who Tzuyu is as a person.

2. She never talks

As an ISFP, Tzuyu is an introvert and is on the quieter side. However, that doesn’t mean she never talks!

While Tzuyu is quiet compared to some of the other members, she most likely needs time to feel comfortable around people until she feels like she can fully open up. As an ISFP, she has an active inner world, and she has to warm up to people before she lets them completely into her world.

Once Tzuyu is totally comfortable with someone (like the TWICE members), her true personality comes out! Although she’s quiet at first, she’s bubbly, sweet, and funny when she’s with her loved ones.

3. She’s just a savage maknae

Although Tzuyu does have her savage moments like anyone else, she’s so much more than just the savage youngest member of TWICE!

In actuality, some of Tzuyu’s most famous savage moments were actually because of mistakes she made as a Korean learner. For example, she once said “learning Korean was boring” when she meant to say “learning Korean was fun.” Learning Korean is hard, so it’s totally understandable that Tzuyu made a few mistakes along the way.

ONCE knows that Tzuyu’s kind moments far outweigh her savage moments. She cares deeply about her members, family, friends, ONCE, animals, and even people she doesn’t know!

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