Fans Mistakenly Thought TXT’s Yeonjun And AB6IX’s Daehwi Got Into A Fight, And The Memes Are Hilarious

Here are 12 of the funniest ones for everyone to laugh at 😂

Using an old fight scene from boy group 24K‘s filming to promote their 2015 “Super Fly” music video, someone instead claimed the fight happened between TXT‘s Yeonjun and AB6IX‘s Daehwi.

While some fans fell for the false information, many saw right through it. In the way that only K-Pop fans can, MOAs and ABNEWs joined up and turned it into a funny situation for all. Here are twelve of the funniest memes to make you laugh.

1. Beomgyu and Hueningkai minding their own business.

2. When big brother BTS’s Jungkook comes to the party.

3. Yeonjun and Daehwi fighting? Here’s what it would really look like:

4. Yeonjun is pretty protective of Soobin’s dimples.

5. Did someone say fan fiction material?

No, seriously.

6. Not in front of the broadcasting building…

7. Putting a Yeonjun twist on a popular meme.

8. BTS’s RM would be the voice of reason, kind of.

9. Yeonjun and Daehwi’s reactions to seeing their names trending along with the word fight:

10. Mnet’s backstage probably never looked this interesting.

11. Yeonjun is really, REALLY protective of Soobin.

12. Daehwi’s winning speech:

All jokes aside, the members of TXT and AB6IX are actually adorable friends.