Miyawaki Sakura’s 3 Favorite Ways To Unwind Are New, Noteworthy, And All Start With “N”?

Alliteration at it’s finest!

Miyawaki Sakura is set to be on the cover of ViVi Magazine in Japan and in between concepts, she took the time to answer some questions about how she spends her time.

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

Coincidentally, all her biggest answer started with one letter of the alphabet. Here are Sakura’s 3 favorite ways to unwind that all start with the letter “N”:

1. Nevertheless

The first “N” on Sakura’s list came from a question about Sakura’s tastes in K-Dramas. She shared that she was a part of the crowd that fallen for the charms of Nevertheless. 

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Based on a Naver WebtoonNevertheless tells the story of a man and woman who both intend to never fall in love. She shared that she found the show very interesting and even revealed that the drama is also popular in Japan (where she’s from and was located for this photoshoot).

“It is a very popular drama also Japan. The drama is really interesting and I’m really into it.” | ViVi channel/YouTube 

2. aespa’s “Next Level”

Sakura’s second “N” came when she was asked “What are your favorite songs these days?” to which she revealed she’d heard about “KWANGYA” as much as the rest of us. “I often listen to aespa‘s ‘Next Level’,” she shared.

“Next Level” | M2/YouTube 

“Next Level” was released by the monster rookie group earlier this year and has remained a favorite amongst K-Pop fans and idols alike. It even became so popular that it was banned for students taking their college entrance exams!

“I often listen to aespa’s ‘Next Level’.” | ViVi channel/YouTube 


Her final “N” relates to her reading recommendations for her fans. After sharing she unwinds with YouTube videos and manga, Sakura recommended the manga NANA.

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NANA tells the story of two girls named “Nana” who end up becoming roommates. Sakura also revealed just how much she loves this story when she said “This is my 5th or 6th time I read ‘NANA’.”

“This is the 5th or 6th time I read ‘NANA’.” | ViVi channel/YouTube 

Sakura’s love for things that start with “N” is an adorable coincidence that gives her fans some excellent pop cultural recommendations to check out. How many of these “N”s did you know? Let us know and to see her full interview, check out the video below: