Here Are 10+ Moments From BTS J-Hope’s 28th Birthday Live Broadcast That You Need To See

The party’s just getting started!

BTS‘s J-Hope kicked off his 28th birthday (international age) with a live broadcast!


In case you missed it or just want to relive the good times, we have compiled 10+ moments from it that every ARMY should see…

1. When he gave us a hug

J-Hope gives the best hugs.

2. When he blessed himself

That’s J-Pope to you!

3. When he held an impromptu birthday photoshoot

Capture time!

4. No one gets more lit to “Happy Birthday” than J-Hope

He got the moves.

5. Move over, RM…

We got a new translator.

6. When Jungkook wished J-Hope a “Happy birthday” over the phone

7. When V called J-Hope

8. When J-Hope gave himself more work to do

9. When he shared his birthday cake with ARMY

10. He’s forever young!

There’s no way he’s 28.

11. When he received notification from Suga

12. When he gave ARMY a kiss goodbye!

Source: BTS