Here’s 10+ Moments From BTS Jimin’s Latest Live Broadcast That You Can’t Miss

He sang several of our favorite songs!

BTS‘s Jimin held a surprise live broadcast for ARMY today. While we might not all have been able to watch it live, we have compiled some of the best moments so you don’t miss out.

Here are 10+ moments from Jimin’s live broadcast that you can’t miss…

1. When he gave us a live performance of his solo “Promise”

Please, he’s so cute!

2. When RM joined

3. When Jimin sang “Happy Birthday!”

4. When he accidentally flipped us off

5. When he sang “House of Cards”

6. His hand doodles

7. His wholesome reaction to looking at his doodles

8. When he proved he’s a multitasking king

9. When he imitated his own doodle

10. When he revealed he would get braces

11. His sweet laugh

12. When he introduced himself

13. This comment

14. When he channeled his inner-cat

15. When he showed off his vocals with “Filter”

16. When he listened to the fan-made song “Sarang”

17. Finally, when he was just looking fine AF

Source: BTS