BTS’s Jimin Accidentally Flips Off Fans, And His Reaction Is Everything


Today, BTS‘s Jimin made a tiny mistake that brought big laughs during his latest broadcast.

Jimin | V LIVE

As usual, Jimin checked in to see how fans are doing during the ongoing pandemic and gave updates about his own life. While listening to “Magic Shop” he also drew BTS’s and ARMY’s shield logos, and cute faces on his palm.


Jimin wanted to show ARMY the doodles one by one, not foreseeing that this would happen!


When Jimin realized he had accidentally shot ARMY the middle finger, which is considered offensive in some cultures, he apologized and told fans to forget it ever happened!


Please act like you didn’t see anything. It was a mistake. A mistake! Sorry! I just wanted to show you this way…It’s a mistake, sorry!

— Jimin

Fans, of course, are loving this adorable blunder, knowing Jimin would never be rude to them on purpose!

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