BTS’s RM Crashes Jimin’s Live Broadcast, Kicks 2021 To The Curb

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If you’re looking forward to a COVID-free world in 2022, you’re not alone. After a year and a half of the “new normal,” BTS is ready to move on too!

Jimin | V LIVE

Today, Jimin hosted a live broadcast to check in with fans and share updates about his life. He also talked about possibly getting braces and accidentally flipped off ARMY.


At one point, RM crashed the broadcast. Jimin asked if he was on his way to work out at the HYBE gym, but RM was headed home. He just wanted to stop by, say hi to ARMY, and show off his Louis Vuitton carrot bag. (It can be yours for $1,330 USD!)

RM: Ah, yes. The carrot. I’m not putting it up for sale on carrot market (Korea’s Craigslist) though.
Jimin: Are you going to the gym?
RM: Hmm?
Jimin: Are you going to the gym to work out?
RM: No… I’m going home.
Jimin: (Laughs)
RM: I have stuff to do. I gotta do those…
Jimin: Right.
Jimin: Wow. Thanks for dropping by!
RM: Okay, I’m off now. Jimin, hwaiting!

— Jimin and RM

RM ended his visit by totally disregarding the calendar year and making 2021 past tense. “Everyone, be healthy, and Happy New Year!” RM exclaimed, making Jimin crack up.

It’s not even New Year…

— Jimin

Hey, if RM says it’s a new year, it’s a new year!

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