10+ Moments From BTS Suga’s “Suchwita,” Featuring RM, That Everyone Needs To See

#9 high-key had us crying.

Episode 1 of BTS Suga‘s new drinking show, Suchwita (also known as Time to Drink with Suga), is here! Here are 10+ moments featuring his special first guest, RM, that you need to see…

1. RM’s entrance

2. RM appreciates the show title

3. We just trust their taste and recommendations… that’s all.

4. Our favorite K-Drama

5. Why Suga prefers to listen to music from a public’s perspective

6. Suga and RM reminiscing

7. This beautiful description of what it means to be a fan of something.

8. Drinking buddies line

9. BRB, crying.

10. This Milkis ad

11. Prod. Suga

12. Suga talking about Jin

13. BTS forever

14. Suga’s priceless reaction when he realized they finished the bottle

Watch the full episode below.



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