10 Moments Where Idols Gave The Cold Shoulder To Idols Of The Opposite Gender

We’re getting chills.

The term cheol-byeok, literally translated as iron wall, is often used when someone throws up a cold front against other people. More often than not, it is used in situations with the opposite gender. Fans frequently use it to describe a moment when their idols give the cold shoulder treatment to other idols, often finding it hilarious. Here are 10 absolutely gut-busting moments where idols literally yeeted themselves to avoid any form of contact with the other party!

1. When MONSTA X tried to make way for Weki Meki

The first time they shifted positions, it was out of politeness. However, the second time it happened, the boys were caught so off guard that they practically had a coronary! Look at how shocked Minhyuk was!

2. Save_Dokyum.jpg

Don’t be fooled – Dokyum is actually classmates with GFRIEND‘s Yuju! In fact, now, his fellow member from SEVENTEEN, Boo Seungkwan, is so close to the GFRIEND members that you almost wouldn’t remember this awkward photo.

3. Is this edited or…?

This was in MAMAMOO‘s rookie days, but you wouldn’t think so, with the way they look so casual and carefree, while their senior, N from VIXX, was shy all alone.

4. “Girls have cooties”

The way EXO‘s Sehun maneuvered himself so as to avoid touching shoulders with the lady in black was almost comical! Jokes aside, he probably didn’t estimate the distance accurately and did his best to not potentially bump into her for fear of injury.

5. When BTS’s Suga tried to sneak away from APINK

We’re not sure if he wanted to move out of frame or if he was surprised to see the girls of APINK being so carefree on stage, but the way he sidestepped was funny to watch.

6. The infamous double iron wall meme

What’s funny here is both teams looked like they were trying to be cautious of each other, with the way leader Hyolyn held onto Soyou‘s hand while Chanyeol did the same to Kai. Later it was explained that there was a huge bug in between the two groups. That explains KARA Youngji‘s expression on the far left.

7. The way SEVENTEEN’s Woozi changed in a split second

Woozi went from talking with his member all casually, until a female idol unwittingly ran between them, and he immediately shrivelled up to the side.

8. Not on my watch, Suga said!

Suga does it again, this time pulling Jimin away from Crayon Pop, when he cluelessly walked too close to them back in their early days. It’s how he grabs the hoodie that sends.

9. SHINee’s Minho and Suzy

A lesser known interaction, this was back when Suzy was still in her rookie days with miss A. He had been a complete gentleman, offering her his hand to go down the steps, but she took his wrist instead!

10. Business only

Last but not least, the infamous moment where former PRISTIN‘s Nayoung and SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo had to do a special cameo on stage for Raina‘s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” and they both looked like they were forced to be there.

Although just a few years back even, it could be the case where many idols had to be incredibly careful about their interactions for fear of backlash, it seems the fan community is getting more open-minded and less volatile, so perhaps we will be able to see the normalization of male-female friendships and interaction soon!

Source: pann