Here’s 20+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 144 That You Need To See

They couldn’t stop dancing (and laughing)!

BTS held a special “Run BTS! GAYO” on episode 144 of Run BTS!. The members were quizzed on their own songs and ARMYs’ favorites.


Here are 20+ moments that you need to see…

1. This adorable play on Jungkook’s name

2. Suga’s little dancey dance

3. Jungkook’s sweet way of saying “no”

4. TaeJin’s alliance

5. Suga exposing ARMYs

6. V’s artistry

7. Instant serotonin

8. Non-stop cuteness

9. YoonMin bickering

10. We’re all whipped for Jin

11. Jimin and V’s excitement

12. Suga’s humblebrags

13. BTS’s aggressive answering

14. Jimin casually flexing his vocals

15. J-Hope and Jungkook excitedly embracing after getting the correct answer

16. RM telling us to stream “Spring Day”

17. Jungkook running laps after getting the correct answer

18. BTS mimicking how the word looks

19. These shots

20. V lifting furniture

21. Jin’s wiggle dance

Source: BTS


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