BTS’s Suga Exposes ARMYs’ Obsession With J-Hope’s “Baepsae” Dance Moves

No one knows us better than Suga.

In episode 144 of Run BTS!, BTS held a special “Run BTS! GAYO” special. The members were quizzed based on their discography. Based on survey answers, they were also quizzed on ARMYs’ favorite songs.


One question asked BTS which B-side track they thought ARMYs would want to see performed live. To their surprise, “Louder than bombs” was the top answer with 37,974 votes. Now knowing how much we all love the song, they said they would consider performing it.


“Silver Spoon (Baepsae)” was then revealed to be in seventh place, and Suga was not surprised. He proved just how well he knows ARMY as he exposed everyone. He said, “They want to see Hope’s hip thrusts.” Well, he’s not wrong. The comment nearly caused J-Hope to choke on his ramen!


Jimin and Jungkook didn’t want to be left out, though. They reminded everyone that their hips both worked hard. Don’t worry, boys, ARMYs love you too!


ARMYs did not expect to be exposed while watching the new episode. It’s like we came here for a good time and honestly feel so attacked right now.

What song are you hoping BTS will perform live?

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Source: BTS and Image