Here’s 20 Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 145 That You Need To See

“Did people of the Joseon Dynasty know ‘DNA’ too?”

BTS time-travels to the Joseon Dynasty in episode 145 of Run BTS! 

BTS continue where they left off in episodes 120 and 121 in which the members were transported to the 1970s-1980s era: “Reply BTS Village.” In those episodes, the members attempted to deduce who among them broke the village’s beloved ARMY headstone during a blackout.

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After arriving in the Joseon Dynasty by a time leap, the stone traveled with them in two pieces, one with them and one has fallen somewhere in the village. Their mission is to find it in order to return to 2021. Otherwise, time and space will be distorted again, resulting in sending BTS to yet another era.

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If that wasn’t enough drama, during the search, all of the members are considered suspects just as before in the mystery of the stolen headstone. Henceforth, the royal army is actively searching for the thief, so the members must be careful while searching for clues and attempting to complete their own assigned individual missions.


We have compiled some of the best moments from the episode. Here are 20 moments from Run BTS! episode 145 that you need to see…

1. Jimin being extra AF

2. RM being kind to everyone

3. Jin singing “DNA”

4. The way everyone handled their tasks so differently

5. Jimin helping V “shave”

6. Smol Suga

7. J-Hope talking with a cat

8. V being the cutest

9. This sweet TaeKook moment

10. When J-Hope got scared and ran for his life

11. V being dramatic

12. Jimin and Jungkook sharing

13. When Jimin said this…

14. V getting very in character

15. When Jungkook tried to warn Jimin…

16. V playing with a cat

17. When Jimin spoke facts

18. V breaking character

19. This low-key funny Jin moment

20. RM collecting flowers to give to Jimin

Check out more moments from the episode below:

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