It’s Been Four Years, And BTS Jungkook’s “Run BTS!” Cameraman Still Can’t Catch A Breath

The man deserves a raise!

If anyone deserves a raise, it’s the cameraman assigned to BTS‘s Jungkook whenever they film Run BTS! episodes. He’s been suffering for about four whole years now!


In episode 87, the opposed teammates met. The cameraman was forced into a workout after Jungkook became involved in a game of cat and mouse with J-Hope.

Now, years later, Jungkook’s cameraman is being put to the test once again. In a continuation of Episodes 120 and 121, in which the members traveled to the era of 1970s-1980s with the theme “Reply BTS Village,” the members must continue to look for the ARMY headstone that was broken in the previous storyline.

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After arriving in the Joseon Dynasty by a time leap, the stone traveled with them in two pieces, one with them and one has fallen somewhere in the village. Their mission is to find it in order to return to 2021. Otherwise, time and space will be distorted again, resulting in sending BTS to yet another era.

If that wasn’t enough drama, during the search, all of the members are considered suspects just as before in the mystery of the stolen headstone. Henceforth, the royal army is actively searching for the thief, so the members must be careful while searching for clues and attempting to complete their own assigned individual missions.

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The real thieves are a mystery to the innocent members as well as the viewer and will do anything in their power to distract others from finding the truth. At this time, we don’t know who is innocent or guilty exactly. Nonetheless, Jungkook was assigned the role of a painter, and while he searched for clues, he would also have to look for seven scarves throughout the village.

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Only a few minutes into the game, Jungkook already had his sights set on the prize, so he immediately began running. There’s no time to waste! He went around searching for clues and scarves with seemingly no luck.

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He went around searching for clues and scarves with seemingly no luck… Finally, he found one scarf!

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But, Jungkook was not getting very far despite his pace because it turned out V had been gathering all of the scarves! But, being the friend he is, he ended up giving all of his collected scarves to Jungkook. It wasn’t long before the royal army was on their tail, and Jungkook quickly escaped!

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Now free from threat, Jungkook continued the mission. But, just because he saw no visible threats, he wasn’t going to run the risk nor waste time, so he continued to run, dragging his cameraman along with him.

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He eventually made his way to find some clues after all of the running. But that’s just the first episode of this continuing story… So, it looks like Jungkook’s cameraman has his work cut out for him!

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