Here’s 15+ Of The Funniest Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 147 That You Need To See

It was a drama filled with laughs!

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In episode 147 of Run BTS!, BTS concluded their mystery of the stolen ARMY headstone and identified the thieves. Now, they will be able to time-travel back to the 21st century after being stuck in the Joseon Dynasty for three episodes.

Here are 15+ of the funniest moments from the new episode…

1. Whatever Jimin was doing here to Jin

2. Suga trying to accuse others while he’s supposed to be a ghost

3. The power Jimin holds

4. V proving he’s a genius

5. Yet, V being wrongfully accused the whole time just because he stopped to play with a cat

6. RM is us trying to read Run BTS! game instructions

7. When V took the fall for Jin

8. This trio

9. The face of a thief?!

10. The cruel and unusual punishment

11. Being a Run BTS! camera director might be the toughest job in the world

12. It pays to have a small member on the team

13. When Jin tried to bribe V…

14. When Suga attempted to defend himself

15. The fact that Jungkook was suspected not once but three times

16. His reaction to being accused

17. Even V couldn’t believe it

18. The new Jungkook animation

19. This valid point

Check out some moments from the previous episode below:

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