Here’s 20+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 150 That You Need To See

This is the most eventful staycation ever!

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In episode 150 of Run BTS!, BTS met at Josun Palace Hotel for a “staycation.” First, they competed in a series of games to be assigned the rooms they would each be staying in. Afterward, they communicated from their respective room via a Zoom call as they were given instructions for the next episode’s mission.

Here are 20+ of the best moments from episode 150 that you need to see in no particular order…

1. The way Jungkook showcased that he has perfect pitch

2. He’s the Golden Maknae after all

3. The “95 Babies” and their new catchphrase

4. This iconic RM expression

5. The return of Jungkook’s “I don’t know … name.”

6. The meerkats

7. Suga being effortlessly cool as always

8. When Jimin got angry

9. RM’s Zoom call background

10. When V casually did a backflip on his bed

11. BTS collectively freaking out over the expensive menu despite being billionaires

12. When Jimin told Jungkook, “Good job!”

13. When BTS were told to stay in their respective rooms but instead went to Jin’s

14. The way that BTS link up despite competing against each other

15. When we would all relate to Jin on a Zoom call

16. Suga always is super relatable too

17. Jimin reminding ARMY that he loves them

18. When V helped J-Hope win

19. Jimin is showing he’s super flexible…

20. When NamJin became Assistant Directors

21. Jungkook’s walk after winning

Source: BTS