Here Are 20+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 153 That You Need To See

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BTS continued their “Throwback Songs” challenge in episode 153 of Run BTS!. Their memory was put to the test as they sang classic Korean songs.

Here are 20+ moments, in no particular order, that you need to see…

1. J-Hope’s cover of “Gangnam Style”

Everyone joined the fun on this one too!

2. Whatever Jin was doing here

3. Suga testing his hyung‘s patience

Just kidding! They’re besties.

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4. Jimin was truly proving his dance skills

5. RM always gives it his all

6. Jin’s duality

7. V never failing to amaze us with his voice

8. Jimin getting into it

9. When they chose the color purple for the card

10. V hyping up Jungkook

11. Jimin’s favorite number

12. Jungkook’s apology

13. Suga singing his heart out

14. Jungkook proving what an amazing singer he is

15. Giddy-up

16. Do not sleep on Vocalist RM!

17. Jin and Jimin roleplaying as drunk friends

18. When Jimin sang “Butter”

19. TaeKook harmonization

20. Jin slaying the vocals

21. The real rap line

22. The dancers do be dancing

23. All of these Namgi moments

24. Dancing “Permission to Dance” choreo on Lotte tower

25. Wishing to perform live again

Their wish will soon come true!

Check out moments from the previous episode below:

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